Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Clashes broke out between inmates in prisons Tangerang

Five people were injured in clashes between youth prison inmates in Tangerang , Banten .

" There are four inmates and a prison employee were injured in clashes between inmates in Tangerang Youth Prison , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Rikwanto Kombespol contacted on Friday .

It is said Kombespol Rikwanto , antarnapi clashes occurred in Tangerang Youth Prison on Friday ( 18/4 ) at 11:10 pm .

Clashes occurred between the occupants prisoner Blocks C and D are populated by a majority of the Tangerang Inmates Inmates Block B which is inhabited by a majority of the Ambonese .

The cause of the clash when the door blocks B , C and D open because of the vigorous routine supervised by prison officers .

However , when the enterprising process goes , there is one occupant Block B which lost mobile phone and suspected diambol by residents of Block D

Until the end of an argument that led to the mouth of the fray , throwing stones and bamboo . Up to five people were injured .

Four inmates injured Renold is the mouth piece , Alek injured in the temples , Ace suffered torn parts of the head , and wound Renhard right side of the face and nose bruised .

All four were immediately taken to the Tangerang District Hospital for treatment . While the victim again that Sukarno Ali who are employees of the Tangerang Youth Prison .

Sukarno suffered lacerations above the head . " To the victims of Sukarno get treatment in prison Poli " he said .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

PPP Rapimnas degree Tonight , stopped SDA ?

United Development Party ( PPP ) have been holding daily meetings DPP officials on Friday April 118 until Saturday morning . One of the decisions of the meeting is convening a meeting of national leaders ( Rapimnas ) this afternoon .

So if Rapimnas PPP is planned to be held on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) at 13:00 pm this afternoon aimed at ousting PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) have repeatedly violated the Constitution and Bylaws ( AD / ART ) party ? Moreover , based on the daily meeting at the Office of the PPP , SDA first get a warning because the infraction was .
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" Yes the situation is like this , we rapimnas to also straighten anything we are not yet decided . Starting at about 13:00 pm , " said Secretary General PPP PPP Romahurmuziy in office , Jakarta , early Saturday .

The first warning to Suryadharma filed with the intention that the SDA does not deviate AD / ART PPP . Suryadharma political step closer to the presidential candidate Prabowo assessed Gerindra with eccentric . In addition SDA also assessed partaai cadre morale at all levels .

While described Waketum PPP Emron Pangkapi , obtained sanction for not heeding the AD / ART stratified party . Starting from the first warning and a second sanction of suspension , and dismissal until fixed .

" For today's meeting sanction warning . Rapimnas Leadership tomorrow have the right and authority , one of which Article 10 AD / ART dismissal , " said Emron .


13 Types Threaten Disaster in East Java

East Java Province benacana face 13 types , ranging from earthquakes , tsunamis , landslides , floods , drought , tornado , fire , terror and volcanic eruptions . " The potential for disaster was recorded in a risk assessment , " said the Chief Executive of the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Sudarmawan in East Java Disaster Preparedness Training Journalists , Thursday, April 17, 2014 .
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To avoid risks and losses due to natural disasters , East Java BPBDs perform a series of actions . Includes disaster preparedness before disaster mitigation , prevention , standby plans , and warnings .

While the current emergency response includes emergency response operations , and kanjian emergency operations plan . While doing the work of recovery after a disaster include the rehabilitation , reconstruction and redevelopment .

East Java BPBDs considered successfully handle Kelud eruption that hit Malang , Blitar and Kediri in February 2014 . Inasmuch , East Java BPBDs quickly evacuate residents considered that casualties and material losses can be reduced . " A number of countries studied penaganan Kelud disaster , " he said .

Mobilized thousands of volunteers to address the rehabilitation efforts after the eruption of Mount Kelud . Data Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation showed Kelud an active volcano . The eruption in 1586 claimed the lives of 10 thousand , while in 1919 led to 5,115 lives lost .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Jokowi Denies Mind 'candidates' in London

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo denied entry into London on Thursday ( 4/17/2014 ) has a political content . According to Jokowi , a visit to the town associated with his position as governor .

" Ndak no politics , no copras ndak - presidential candidate , " said Jokowi out of the room when the signing of a memorandum of kesapahaman or city government MoU with the Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) , Jalan Taman Sari , Bandung , on Thursday afternoon .

In Bandung , Jokowi perform two activities . First , Bandung Mayor Jokowi met Ridwan Kamil . In addition reunion after a long time no see , both of Bandung City Government to discuss cooperation with the Jakarta government about the development of special economic zones in the two cities.

After meeting Jokowi Ridwan Kamil went to ITB complex in order to sign a memorandum of understanding in the field of education , research and community service . Cooperation include water management , river , disaster management in Jakarta and the development of Jakarta as a smart city , town based on advanced technology .

"Yeah right , that's it . Ndak there are others , " said Jokowi .

The third agenda , Jokowi going to be the keynote speaker at a public lecture at the ITB . Honey third agenda is failing because hundreds of ITB students refused his arrival .

They unfurled banners reading " reject the politicization of the campus " to " condole over the politicization of the campus " . Students were blocking the way car with banners screaming .

Jokowi and when the group was about to enter college ITB Rector , a riot broke out . Car Jokowi existing private guard at the front so the butt of the student cries . Police and campus security officers managed to beat back the students .

In the midst of chaos , Jokowi ridden car and ITB Rector not be entering the campus . The black sedan drove towards Jalan Ir H Juanda and entry into service the rector 's residence .

While Jokowi car and go rector , Joko Widodo escort car still stuck in the crowd of students . About 10 minutes later , the car was only able to get out of student barricades .
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Jokowi directly contrary to Jakarta . At approximately 17:40 pm , the group Jokowi up to his official residence at Jalan Taman Soerapatti 7 , Menteng , Central Jakarta .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Statue Bali Net Exports Contribute Millions U.S. Dollars per Month

Various types of sculptures and souvenirs made ​​from wood the touch of the hands of skilled craftsmen of Bali , in February 2014 accounted for 4.82 million U.S. dollars of foreign exchange . Months before, the foreign exchange generated even reached 9.8 million U.S. dollars .

" Foreign exchange ( February 2014 ) was increased by 6.99 percent compared to the same month in the previous year which recorded just 4.51 million U.S. dollars , " said the Head of Public Relations of the Provincial Government of Bali I Ketut Teneng in Denpasar , as quoted from Reuters , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

During 2013, said Teneng , the same commodity have produced 90.61 million U.S. dollars , an increase of 26.75 per cent compared to the statue 's exports in 2012 reached 71.49 million U.S. dollars .

Foreign exchange from the export of the statue contribute 18.64 percent of Bali's total export value in 2013 reached 486.06 million U.S. dollars . The total value of exports in 2013 this paradise island only edged up 0.88 percent compared to the achievements in 2012 reached 481.83 million .

According Teneng , sculpture donated dozens per cent of total exports of the province was made ​​by artisans in Gianyar regency . Most of the other villages in Bali also began working on crafting this statue , but have not penetrated the export , as in Badung , Klungkung and Tabanan .
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Delivery of merchandise worth of art was done not only through the port in Bali . He mentions Benoa port capable of handling only 52.72 per cent of export shipments art . The rest , sent lewt port in East Java , Central Java , even Jakarta .


Trying to Survive in the Global Gold Level USD 1,300

SINGAPORE - Gold struggled to survive in the global level of USD1.300 per troy ounce , after a sharp slide overnight . The sell-off occurred because of fears of reduced demand for Chinese consumers .

Metal loss came despite geopolitical tensions in Ukraine increased. Safe-haven bid for gold failed to appear after Kiev began operations against separatist militias in the east .

Launched by Reuters on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , the type Spot gold edged up $ 1 , 21 to USD1.303 , 25 per troy ounce , after closing down 1.8 percent the day before . Gold had fallen to the lowest point USD1.290 , 34 per troy ounce .
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A report showed that Chinese companies could cut as much as 1,000 tons of gold in financing transactions . This is done in order to raise funds due to tight credit conditions , to meet consumer demand .

SPDR Gold Trust , a gold traded by the exchange-traded fund , said its holdings rose 0.60 tonnes to 806.82 tonnes yesterday . Union miners Construction Association of South Africa called on the government and the community to assist in funding for their members in the platinum sector .

Global equity markets traded flat and rising government debt over the rising tensions in Ukraine , after Russia declared the country on the brink of civil war .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Residents scramble Chile post Earthquake aftershocks Supplies Latest

Chileans seemed desperate to stand in a long line outside the mall on Thursday ( 3/4 ) after any other earthquakes of magnitude 8.2 on the Richter scale that killed six people on Tuesday .

The northern part of Chile was rocked by an aftershock measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale on Wednesday ( 2/4 ) night , forcing thousands of people to leave their homes once again .

Yet another earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale struck back on Thursday ( 3/4 ) evening local time , off the coast at a depth of 20 km , according to the U.S. Geological Survey . The epicenter was 76 km in the southeastern part of the northern city of Iquique .
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President Michelle Bachelet , who was assessing the damage from the first shock , were among those displaced by the recent earthquake that spread terror among the population exhausted and agitated in the earthquake-prone region .

This quake struck in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday at 23:43 ( 02:43 GMT Thursday ) local time , 19 miles from the southern part of Iquique , said the U.S. Geological Survey .

There are no reports of casualties or major damage were new and authorities also drew a tsunami warning after two hours . Ranging from Peru to the north was doing the same thing .

Even residents in Iquique , now living in fear of aftershocks , lining up to buy supplies in town with a population of 180,000 people .

About 1,500 people stood in front of supermarkets and ATM machines ( automated teller machines ) , while the riders lined up to fill the fuel tanks of their cars .

Citizens also reported cases of exploitation rates , the price of bread and water nain doubled .

The prosecutor also ordered the arrest of the shopkeepers who raise prices . Bachelet deployed troops to the area to prevent looting .

" We now live without electricity in some areas and without water for two days , " said Mirna Mela , a resident of Iquique . " The shops there are open , so we could not obtain supplies . "

Meanwhile , the new electric light up 72 % in the Tarapaca region while new drinking water available 67 % of the area .